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40% of Taiwan’s Game Players Made In-game Purchases in 2018: MIC
September 09, 2019


40% of Taiwan’s Game Players Made In-game Purchases in 2018: MIC

Taipei-based government-backed IT research institute MIC (Market Intelligence& Consulting Institute) of III (Institute for Information Industry) conducted an online questionnaire research to ask Taiwan’s digital game players about their game preferences, paying habits, and payment experiences from games during the fourth quarter of 2018. “Based on the findings, we found up to 40% of Taiwan’s digital game players have past experiences of making in-game purchases and 46% of game spenders have experiences of making in-app purchases for virtual items (currency/stones/packs/characters) while 42.5% of them made purchases for paid games,” says Helen Lin, industry analyst with MIC.

In-game Purchase Items of Taiwan’s Game Players in 2018: Overall


Source: MIC, September 2019

"We also find that the share of male and female game spenders made virtual item purchases reached 46.6% and 45%, respectively. What is noteworthy is that more female game spenders (17.2%) participated in offline in-game activities than male game spenders (14.3%)."

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