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Chinese 3D Sensing Unicorn Orbbec Focuses on Consumer Market and Smartphone Applications: MIC
August 02, 2019

Orbbec, a unicorn startup headquartered in Shenzhen of China and dedicated to 3D sensing technology development, has the world’s third-largest number of patents related to 3D sensing, according to Taipei-based government-backed IT research institute MIC (Market Intelligence& Consulting Institute) of III (Institute for Information Industry). “In 2015, Orbbec unveiled its first ASIC chip. Thanks to the explosive growth of the mobile device market, Orbbec’s product and market presence increased significantly in 2017. If Orbbec started a few years later, the company would have missed out on its best chance in the market,” said Aaron Lin, senior industry analyst at MIC.

Orbbec’s 3D Sensing Solutions Demonstrated at CES 2019

2019-4-25 上午 10-33 Office Lens (3)
Smart living room: Sony’s Mitene interactive signage system 

The system detects faces and captures movements, then combines the images of real persons with special effects to provide motion-controlled gaming and interactive entertainment experience.

Smart kitchen: Bosch’s PAI kitchen assistant

The system turns a kitchen table into a smart screen through projection, allowing users to view the projected recipe or interact with their home appliances using hand gestures.

Smart retail: Mario’s 3D facial recognition payment system

Orbbec formed a joint venture with Ant Financial to deliver a 3D facial recognition payment system, allowing users to make offline payments through face recognition.

Robotics - Elvis

3D structured light is used to guide the robotic arm to pick up the product required in a customer’s order from the shelf.

Source: Orbbec, compiled by MIC, August 2019

"With 1.5 billion units shipped worldwide every year, smartphones have been the main driving force behind the growth of the consumer market. And applying 3D facial recognition technology in mobile devices gave Orbbec a head start on the commercialization of its technology and helped it make its way into the unicorn list.”

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