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Over-The-Top STBs Continue to Outperform Cable and IP STBs in 2018, Especially in Southeast Asia and India: MIC
April 26, 2019


Global shipment volume of cable, IP (Internet Protocol), and OTT (Over The Top) STB (Set Top Box) devices totaled 169 million units in 2018, according to Taipei-based, government-backed research institute MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute). “Despite IP and cable STB shipments declined year-on-year in some advanced countries due to reduced production lines and the US-China trade war, OTT STB devices still managed to witness a double-digit growth in 2018,” says Paul Chan, industry analyst with MIC.

Global Cable, IP, and OTT STB Shipment Volume, 2016-2023

Source: MIC, April 2019

"Consumers in developed countries have been shifting their demand to OTT video streaming service and thus the STB market has started to rely increasingly on developing countries such as Southeast Asia, India, and Latin America.”

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