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Microsoft Taiwan to Share Views on AI Trends, Developments, and Social Impacts at 31st MIC Forum in Taipei, Taiwan
August 24, 2018


In the new era of intelligence, it is imperative to come out with witty strategies to tap emerging opportunities and address associated issues. MIC Forum, one of the must-go tech events in Asia held by MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute) - a Taipei-based government think tank under III (Institute for Information Industry) - will bring you forward-looking strategic analysis with latest research findings, and six technology megatrends: Future Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, 5G Telecommunication, Immersive Reality, Internet of Things and Blockchain. These six megatrends will likely to be the backbone for innovative business models in the intelligence arena.


To get a better understanding of how AI has been developed and applied so far, and its social impacts, MIC has invited Jason Tsao, M&O and AI lead of Microsoft Taiwan, to share what he knows about AI trends, developments, and social impacts by delivering a speech at this year's MIC Forum on September 4, 2018. He will also join the panel discussion hosted by Victor Tsan, General Director of MIC, along with other panelists including Lu Fang-ming, President of Business Group of Hon Hai Precision Industry, Dr. Yang Ren-dar, Executive Vice President of Institute for Information Industry (III) to share their perspectives and experiences on the following agenda:

  • Key opportunities and challenges around AI, IoT, and 5G Communications and their associated impacts.
  • Key factors behind successful corporate transformation and what have been missing in the Taiwanese industry.
  • The potential benefits gained from the AI vertical applications as they relate to smart city, smart mobility (smart car), smart transportation, smart manufacturing, smart retail, smart finance, and more.

DAY 1 (2F Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel)

15:40-16:30 Tuesday, September 4 4B-Panel Discussion







The Future of 5G Industry

Lu Fang-ming/President of Business Group/Hon Hai Precision Industry


AI Development and Outlook

Jason Tsao/M&O Lead and AI Lead/ Microsoft




【Panel Discussion】Digital Transformation in Practice

5G X AI X Smart Application


Victor Tsan /Senior Industry Consultant and General Director/Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (III)

Lu Fang-ming/ President of Business Group/Hon Hai Precision Industry

Dr. Yang Ren-dar/Executive Vice President/Institute for Information Industry (III)
Jason Tsao/M&O Lead and AI Lead of/ Microsoft


Note: All sessions will be presented in Mandarin

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