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Over 75% of Taiwanese Gamers Play Games on the Go: MIC
August 06, 2018


Taipei-based, government-backed IT research institute MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute) conducted a survey on Taiwanese gamers and the findings show that up to 75.5% of gamers play smartphones/tablet app games, followed by play PC online games (27.5%), PC browser games (25.5%), single-player PC games (21.5%), and console games (16.5%).

Taiwanese Games' Gaming Platform Preferences by Gender

Source: MIC, August 2018

"The findings also suggest Taiwanese gamers aged 19 and under have been the major gamers across all gaming platforms. When it comes to individual gaming platforms, 63.2% of Taiwanese gamers prefer gaming on Android smartphones, 49.8% on desktop PCs, 37.7% on notebook PCs, and 22.6% on iPhones. In addition, the findings also show that Taiwanese gamers' top three game consoles are Wii (11.8%), PlayStation 4 (9%), and Xbox360 (7.9%).

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