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Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, Medical Software and System Vendors' Opportunity Lies on Value Chain Gaps of the ICT Industry: MIC
May 15, 2017


Thanks to growing demand for chronic disease monitoring, long-term care, and self-management of health, the business potential of mobile health wearables has surged in recent years, according to Taipei-based IT research institute MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute).

"Taiwanese semiconductor vendors have been providing components for wearables. The growing importance of mobile health will drive a new wave of demand. These vendors can adjust their technology portfolios in light with their corporate strategies based on their existing foundations. Consumer electronic brands may have developed excellent product design capabilities, but they are facing challenges in terms of medical product regulations and technology developments," says Alice Hsu, Industry analyst with MIC.

Mobile Health Value Chain

Source: MIC, May 2017

"In addition, the high level of similarity in wearables for self-monitoring has resulted in fierce competition. As for medical software and systems, vendors can develop products jointly with local medical institution institutions to deal with the diversity of varied medical systems and regulations across regions."

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