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Five Key Indicators for Assessing the Mass Production Readiness of Flexible Displays: MIC
March 21, 2017

Flexible display technologies include flexible AMOLED, flexible LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), and flexible e-paper. Each flexible display technology has different limitations and thus the development of their key components has also varied, leading to variant outcomes in terms of the application and development of each flexible display technology, says Chung-yu Yang, an industry analyst with Taipei-based IT research institute MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute).

"Several key technologies must be assessed when determining the mass production readiness of flexible displays. These development indicators include flexible substrates, transparent conducting electrodes, display films, TFT backplanes, and manufacturing processes."

Structure and Key Development Trends of Flexible Displays



Technological Requirements

Feature Requirements

Display film


Flexible CF and BL, Cell Gap control1

Prevent cell gap from changing during bending


Packaging technology

Impermeability to water and air



TFT backplane

a-Si TFT

‧Low-temperature TFT processes (to maintain original properties)

‧Can be tuned using existing equipment in the short term

High electron mobility (especially for OLED)



Oxide TFT

Flexible substrate

Metal foil


Flat surface

Plastic film


Heat resistance, stability, reliable manufacturing processes, and optical properties

Thin glass


Surface evenness and flatness

Manufacturing process

‧ Roll-to-Roll / Sheet-to-Sheet Processes

‧ Printing Processes


Note: CF stands for Color Filter, BL stands for Back Light
Source: MIC, March 2017

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