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Mobile Payments Used Mainly for Restaurant Bills and Transportation Fees in Taiwan: MIC
March 21, 2017

Mobile payments are mainly used for paying restaurant bills and vouchers, and for transportation fees, according to a survey released by Taipei-based IT research institute MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute).

Goods and Services Purchased at Brick-and-mortar Stores Using Mobile Payment Services

Source: MIC, March 2017

Note: Sample size: 1,059 (male vs. female = 529: 530)

"The relatively huge gap between the dining and other categories is because vendors in other categories have yet to develop a complete mobile payment environment compared to the dining category which the system was originally designed for. Moreover, physical retail outlets and credit card-issuing banks are two major sources Taiwanese consumers learn about mobile payments and therefore expanding their mobile payment availability will be strategically important for the mobile payment industry in Taiwan," says Tzu-li Hu, a senior industry analyst with MIC.

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