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Computer Technology, Control, and Measurement are Still Top-3 Smart Car Patent Deployment Fields: MIC
November 30, 2016

Driven by the IoE (Internet of Everything) boom, a smarter and more automatic car era is coming. MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute) recent findings show that patent deployment is highly concentrated on Computer Technology, which accounts for 22.6%. Coupled with the other four fields of Control, Measurement, Telecommunication, and Digital Communication Control, the combined share reaches around 74.9%.

Smart Car Patent Contribution Share by Field

Source: MIC, December 2016

The Taipei-based ICT research institute further found that most smart car patents are applied less in Audio-Visual Technology, Medical Technology and Environmental Technology. Hence, companies who are interested in entering the smart car industry are advised to build their patent portfolios around these three fields.

"When it comes to smart car technology field, the findings show that the most smart car patents were filed in the technology field of Electric Digital Data Processing (14.6%), followed by Traffic Control Systems (8.2%), Transmission of Digital Information ( 7.3%), Measuring Distances, Levels Or Bearings (6.3%), Transmission (6.0%)," says David Chen, senior industry analyst with MIC.

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