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IMP Remains Mainstream Resolution for Consumer IP Cameras while 2MP for Professional IP Cameras in 2016: MIC
November 04, 2016


Shipment volume of the Taiwanese IP camera industry is anticipated a 13% year-on-year growth in 2016 despite Sony's reduced supply of image sensors, according to MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), a Taipei-based IT research institute. "Consumer IP cameras with around 1MP (Megapixel) resolution continue to be mainstream in 2016. Further upgrade to 2MP resolution would be difficult as the difference between 1MP and 2MP IP camera is too little for consumers to feel. Meanwhile, 2MP remains the most popular resolution for professional IP cameras," says Elaine Chang, industry analyst with MIC.

Taiwanese IP Camera Shipment Volume by Resolution, 1Q 2015-2Q 2016

Source: MIC, October 2016

"In the first half of 2016, some vendors had launched IP cameras with H.265 technology, which enables IP cameras to provide higher and more efficient image compression rates. The adoption of H.265 technology is anticipated to increase the demand for IP cameras with over 3MP resolution."

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