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Character Input and Fingerprint Scanning are the Most Popular Mobile Payment Security ID Method of Taiwan's Mobile Users: MIC
October 28, 2016


After asking the respondents "Given several options, which security identification method do you prefer when making mobile payments," 54.8% of respondents preferred inputting characters, 47.4% fingerprint scanning, 35.9% screen signing, and 19.1% graphic passwords, and 18.6% iris scanning, according to a questionnaire-based survey conducted by MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), a Taipei-based IT research institute. "The result says that inputting characters and fingerprint scanning stand out as the preferred mode of security identification for most Taiwanese consumers, owing to consumer familiarity and flatter learning curve," says Hephy Hu, industry analyst with MIC.

Taiwanese Consumer Preferred Mobile Payment Method by Security Identification Type


Character Input

Fingerprint Scanning

Screen Signing

Graphic Password

Iris Scanning



No Scanning Required

Consumer Acceptance (%)








Note 1: For this table, the question "given several options, which security identification method do you prefer when making mobile payments" was asked.

Note 2: 1,041 effective samples were collected in 2014, 50 of which had used mobile payment services before; 1,260 effective samples were collected in 2015, 239 of which had used mobile payment services before.

Source: MIC, October 2016

"Fingerprint scanning is the most popular form of biometric identification method compared to iris and facial scanning. The reason is that Taiwanese consumers are yet to feel the benefits brought by iris or facial scanning as the availability and security are also key concerns. Thus far, Taiwanese consumers still view fingerprint scanning as the preferred security identification method."

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