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Chinese Smartphone-based VR Headsets Enjoy Fastest Growth amid Steady Global VR Market Development: MIC
October 03, 2016

VR headsets have received more venture capital funds since 2015 with a share of 69%, followed by VR input devices (8%), VR software (8%), VR content manufacturing (6%), VR sales channels (4%), VR applications (4%), and VR cameras (1%), , according to MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), a Taipei-based IT research institute.

PC-, Smartphone-based, and All-in-one VR Headset Launched by Chinese Vendors

Source: MIC, September 2016

"Chinese vendors have heavily invested in the VR market. Compared to other VR products, VR headsets are more likely to be used in everyday life. Apart from headsets, Chinese vendors have been engaged in the development of VR applications, platforms, and content," says Cliff Wang, industry analyst with MIC. There are three major types of VR headsets: smartphone-based models that must be used with a smartphone, PC-based models powered by a PC or game console, and all-in-one models featuring an embedded PC system or game console as those developed by Chinese vendors recently. "Smartphone-based VR headsets have higher mobility and the larger smartphone user base and thus the number of smartphone-based VR headset brands has exceeded that of PC-based and all-in-one ones.

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