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The Nine Big Trends in the Communications Marketplace for 2017: MIC
September 13, 2016


2017 will be another year of immense change, especially in the communications marketplace. There are a tremendous amount of convergence and consolidation in the space and innovation of new products, services, applications, business models, technologies and standards. Below are nine big trends in the communications marketplace observed by MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), a Taipei-based IT research institute. "Nine big trends are predicted for 2017 and they are wearables, smart medical care, cloud-based service robotics, smarter industrial robotics, wireless charging, cyber-physical system, drone, spectrum sharing, and 5G, " says Welber Chang, senior industry consultant with MIC, at 29th MIC Forum held on 6-14.

Nine Big Trends in the Communication Marketplace for 2017

Source: MIC, September 2016

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