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Modest Impact on the Taiwan ICT Industry Expected from UK Referendum Result but Changes in UK Consumer Buying Power May Cause Future Worries: MIC
June 27, 2016

The result of the referendum for the UK to leave the European Union has sent shock waves to the world on June 24, in particular European exchange markets. "In the short run, the world's finance and exchange markets will most likely to be affected by critical current fluctuations," says Victor Tsan, the Vice President and General Director of MIC (Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute), an IT research institute in Taipei. "Though the Taiwan's IT industry may appear to be least affected thanks to ITA-2, also known as ITA expansion, but the changes in global consumer buying power, especially the United Kingdom, may cause future worries," he explains. Europe contributed around 22.2% to shipment value of the Taiwanese IT hardware industry and 26% to that of the Taiwanese network communications industry in 2015, reaching US$25.0 billion and US$5.07 billion, respectively, according to MIC.

Taiwanese Major IT Hardware's Global Share, 2015-2020



Market Share


Note 1: Notebook PCs comprise of mainstream NB PCs and mini PCs.
Note 2: Motherboards comprise of pure motherboards, barebones and full-systems

Note 3: Servers comprise of barebones and full-systems.

Source: May 2016


Taiwanese Network Communications Devices' Global Share, 2015-2020


Note STBs comprise of cable STBs, IP STBs, and OTT STBs

Source: May 2016

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