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Average Single Mobile Application Purchase Value is Below US$5 in Taiwan: MIC
April 21, 2016

MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), an ICT research institute based in Taiwan, conducted a questionnaire-based survey on smartphone users in the fourth quarter of 2015. The finding shows that Taiwanese mobile phone users on average spend less than NT$150 (US$4.6; US$1=NT$32.5) in a single purchase whether buying paid apps or content/services in free apps. Of which, purchase value between NT$61 (US$1.9) and NT$150 account for the largest share. As the percentage of users purchasing paid apps for over NT$900 (US$27.7) is higher than those making in-app purchases, the average single purchase value of paid apps exceeds that of in-app purchases in free apps by NT$55 (US$1.7).

Figure: Average Single Purchase Value of Paid Apps and In-app Purchases in Free Apps

Note: US$= NT$1; US$32.5

Source: MIC, April 2016

The average amount of money spent on apps per purchase by Taiwanese smartphone users is less than NT$150 (US$4.6). Those having made single purchase in free apps tend to buy stickers (63%) and mobile games (38.6%). These two categories will remain the most popular commodities for in-app purchases in the next year. Sticker economy will continue to grow and stickers will become a tool for smartphone users to express their individualism.

To see more about this report, please visit: Survey on Taiwanese Mobile App Users' Behavior

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