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Nearly 60% of Taiwanese Mobile Payment Users Say Mobile Payments are on Top of Their Minds when It comes to Picking Payment Methods: MIC
March 25, 2016

MIC (Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute), a government-backed ICT research institute based in Taipei, Taiwan, conducted a survey to find out preferences and attitudes of Taiwanese mobile payment users and non-users towards mobile payments. The results show cash and card are still top of nearly 60% of Taiwanese consumer minds when it comes to picking payment methods in most everyday situations, whereas mobile payments only account for 2.7%. "This statistical outcome demonstrates there is still a huge room for improvement for mobile payments in Taiwan," says Nephy Hu, industry analyst with MIC.

Taiwanese Mobile Payment Users' and Non-users' Intention to Use Mobile? Payments as the Main Form of Payment

Consumer Attitude

Totally Agree




Totally Disagree

Haven't Used






Have Used






Note 1: For the table, the question "Will you agree or not to that mobile payments are on top of your minds when it comes to picking payment methods?" was asked.

Note 2: 1,041 effective samples were collected in 2014, 50 of which had used mobile payment services before; 1,260 effective samples were collected in 2015, 239 of which had used mobile payment services before.

Source: MIC, March 2016

"Based on our finding, it is worth mentioning that nearly 60% of Taiwanese mobile payment users are willing to use mobile payments as only less than 10% of them stick to cash or credit/debit cards," explains Hu. "We asked mobile payment non-users the same question and only 19.2% of them completed the statement with Totally Agree and Agree."

To see more about this report, please visit: Taiwanese Mobile Payments: Consumer Preference and Behavior Analysis

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