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Huawei’s ROADS Strategy Paves Way for Open Cooperation on Innovation: MIC
June 12, 2015

Huawei held the 11th Annual Global Analyst Summit on April 23, attracting over 500 analysts and business leaders from world-class companies such as BT, Intel and Volvo. Huawei's CEO announced the ROADS strategy, which stands for Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY (Do It Yourself) and Social. These five elements cover basically the development trends of Huawei in the next few years.

Five Elements of Huawei’s ROAD Strategy

Source: Huawei, compiled by MIC, June 2015

"After constantly expanding the global broadband networks and pioneering in advanced technology development and shipment share of several devices, Huawei understand the necessity to transform its existing network /service architectures," says Remus Hsu, senior industry analyst with MIC.

Huawei unveiled more comprehensive SDN/NFV products to pair with cloud-based datacenters in this year's summit with an aim to boost carriers' capabilities in reducing cost of construction, partnering with third parties, and providing flexible and tailor-made R&D services. To address the development of IoT and big data, which are the two hottest topics in the marketplace, Huawei has IoT-based E2E solutions in place which are built on the SDN/NFV architecture.

Huawei’s competitive edge lies in its product line breadth in comparison to carriers despite the fact that the company still has room for improvement when it comes to North American market expansion, IoT product line completeness, and non-standardized enterprise market development. For this reason, aside from launching the Open ROADS initiative, Huawei also has several areas of focus such as boosting the adoption share of software/hardware technology and connected devices, optimizing user experience and cooperating with third parties.

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