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Average Notebook PC Price Set to Fall below US$450 in 2016: MIC
May 01, 2015

Increased share of low-cost models, coupled with lackluster demand for touch notebook PCs and Ultrabooks with high-end specs have pushed notebook PC ASP (Average Selling Price) further down, thereby dampening notebook PC shipment value.

According to MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), a Taipei-ICT based ICT research institute, notebook PC ASP is estimated at US$453 in 2015, down from US$468 in 2013. The continued cannibalization of notebook PCs by smartphones and tablets and the shift of applications to the cloud also have led to the decreased demand for notebook PCs. To this end, notebook PC ASP is unlikely to see an upward swing in the next few years.

Worldwide Notebook PC Market Value, 2012 - 2019

Source: MIC, April 2015

"In Asian markets, the notebook PC demand in China is under increasing pressure from low-cost tablets and smartphones. Consumers therefore are less interested in buying notebook PCs," says Jane Yeh, senior industry analyst with MIC. "As the Chinese government's luxury ban continues, the central and provincial governments have cut back budgets for notebook PC purchases, thereby curbing the demand for notebook PCs in the commercial market segment."

In other Asian emerging markets, low-cost smartphones and tablets had overtaken notebook PCs to be their major mobile devices to get connected to the internet in 2014. This dampened the notebook PC demand in these markets as a result. In some emerging markets, amid the sliding ASP, notebook PCs have being touted as ideal tools for students in the educational sector. This somehow slowed notebook PC market decline in 2014.

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