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Taiwan's Desktop PC Industry Witnessing the Highest-ever Quarterly Shipment Volume in 3Q 2014: MIC
October 06, 2014

Shipment volume of the Taiwanese desktop PC industry is estimated to have reached approximately 17.4 million units in the third quarter of 2014, marking the highest-ever quarterly shipment performance, according to MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), a Taipei-based ICT research institute. "The growth has been mainly upheld partly by the back-to-school demand and the advanced purchase in anticipation of China's upcoming October long holiday," said Evelyn Chang, the industry analyst with MIC. "With cost and technology advantages in contract manufacturing AIO PCs and commercial desktop PCs, as well as the close partnerships with major brands, Taiwan's desktop PC industry will see the increase in shipments owing mainly to a rise in market demand from the commercial sector," she further added.

MIC estimates Taiwan's desktop PC shipments will top around 67 million units in 2014, up 12.1% compared to 2013, driven mainly by the continued demand for commercial models and the rollout of new Intel and AMD processors.

Taiwanese Desktop PC Shipment Volume, 3Q 2012 – 2Q 2015

Source: MIC, October 2014

In the first half of 2014, the industry relied on the commercial replacement demand triggered by Microsoft's ending support for its Windows XP. Looking ahead to the second half of 2014, the commercial market demand will not as buoyant as in the first half as political and social crisis is intensifying in Eastern Europe, commercial desktop PC demand is dwindling in Japan and stimulation brought by Intel's new CPU on the commercial market is likely to be limited.

Overall, as the demand for desktop PCs is slowing down in some regional markets like Japan and the demand for new CPU-embedded commercial desktop PCs is not as high as expected, the commercial market demand - though still the growth driver for the industry – will not be as strong as in the first half.

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