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Tablet PC Trends at Computex 2012
June 08, 2012
Advanced specifications with affordable prices, diversified software and hardware platform architectures, and cloud computing and ecosystem services are projected to be the highlights at Computex 2012. It is expected that various branded vendors will unveil tablet PCs with high-resolution displays aiming to compete with New iPad as well as value-line 10.1-inch tablet devices to compete with iPad 2 at Computex 2012. Vendors are also projected to focus on features and display resolution of entry-level 7-inch tablet PCs. Since Microsoft's next generation OS Windows 8 is slated for launch at year-end, chipset suppliers are expected to demonstrate Windows 8-related tablet PCs at Computex 2012. It is anticipated that vendors will focus on product differentiation as regards industrial design, software applications, standby time, and hardware specifications at the expo. Cloud services or ecosystems providing seamless streaming between digital content and applications of Smartphones, tablet PCs, notebook PCs, and Smart TVs will also be a focal area at Computex 2012.