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Toshiba Aims to Expand Presence in the Philippines LCD TV, PC, Tablet PC Markets
September 30, 2011

Toshiba announced on September 28, 2011 that the company plan to boost its market presence in the Philippines LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TV, PC, and tablet PC markets, according to the Japan Economic Newswire. It is reported that Toshiba aims to expand its LCD TV market share in the Philippines from 4% in fiscal year 2010 to 20% in fiscal year 2013 through March 2014. Toshiba said that the company will release new "Power TV" series in the Philippines later this year. Toshiba also plans to increase its PC market share by two folds in the country, from 6% in fiscal 2010 to 12% in fiscal 2013. As regards tablet PC, Toshiba projects to double its share in the market to 10% from the current 5%.