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WiMAX Development in Asia June 20-26
June 26, 2011
Taiwan's Vibo Telecom is considering the sale of its stake in Vmax Telecom, a local WiMAX carrier, according to a Taipei Times report on June 22, 2011. Vibo owns a 34% stake in Vmax, while Intel and Taiwan's Tecom share the remaining shares. It is reported that Vibo is currently in talks with two potential buyers, including a telecom operator, over the sale. Earlier this month, another Taiwanese WiMAX carrier Far EasTone Telecommunications showed interest in taking over Vibo's stake in Vmax. UQ Communications, a Japanese WiMAX carrier, also expressed similar interest. It is expected that with the sale of its stake in WiMAX operations, Vibo will turn its focus back to 3G business.