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Nokia Siemens Network Inaugurates New TD-LTE Test Center in Taiwan
June 26, 2011

NSN (Nokia Siemens Network) announced on June 22 that the company entered into an agreement with Taiwan's National Chiao Tung University, under which they will jointly operate a new TD-LTE (Time Division-Long Term Evolution) testing center situated at Hsinchu, northern Taiwan, the United Daily News reported on June 23. The center provides interoperability testing service for products including chips, data cards, mobile phones, and routers based on China's TD-LTE technology and manufactured by Taiwanese makers, according to the same source. Other than NSN and Taiwan's National Chaio Tung University, Taiwan's telecom operator Chunghwa Telecom, China's telecom operator China Mobile, US-based chipmaker Qualcomm, Taiwan's notebook PC maker Quanta, Taiwan's Information and Communications Research Lab under the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Germany-based Rodhe & Schwarz, and Taiwan's chipmaker Mediatec and Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC are expected to join this new center as well.  

Aside from Taiwan, NSN already set up a TD-LTE demonstration network with 200 base stations each in Xiamen and Hangzhou, China, with an aim to help local mobile telecom operators to test more than 1,000 items based on the said technology.