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HTC Aims to Expand China's R&D Team Four-fold in 2011; Expected to Launch New 4G Smartphone and Tablet in Korea in July
June 23, 2011

Taiwanese Smartphone manufacturer HTC recently announced that the company is projected to have a four-fold R&D manpower increase for its China's R&D team in 2011, the Commercial Times of Taiwan reported on June 20. In addition, the company also plans to collaborate with three Chinese leading telecom operators to sell its products leveraging these operators' channel distributors by doubling the number of store shops to 2,000 and exclusive shops to 70 in China by year-end 2011.

Meanwhile, HTC revealed on June 23 that the company is poised to launch a new Smartphone and tablet device in Korea, beginning in July 2011, the Xinhua News reported on June 23. The new Android Evo4G+ Smartphone and the Flyer 4G tablet device will support Korea's 4G WiBro (Wireless Broadband) technology - developed by Korea Telecom and claimed to provide transmission speeds three times faster than the existing 3G Technology - and will also provide support for WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access), and Wi-Fi (Wireless-Fidelity) technologies as well, according again to the Xinhua News.