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HP's Commercial Notebook PCs for Japanese Market 100% Assembled in Tokyo Plant by August 2011
June 17, 2011

HP recently announced that the company plans to move its commercial notebook PC assembly lines in Shanghai, China to Akishima - a city located in western Tokyo of Japan - by August 2011, the Nikkei newspaper reported on June 17. It is learnt that 20% of HP's commercial notebook PCs sold in the Japanese market are currently assembled in its Shanghai plant and 80% of which are assembled in its Akishima plant. In spite of higher labor costs in Japan, almost four times higher than those in China, HP stated that the migration of assembly lines to Japan will help improve its manufacturing efficiency leveraging its desktop PC production lines located at the same premise while reducing delivery time for its Japanese clients from the current 10 days to five days, according to the same source. The assembly manpower in the Akishima plant is projected to increase by 50% to 450 workers. Upon the completion of the migration, HP is projected to manufacture 1.4 million commercial notebook PCs in its Akishima plant per year, according again to the Nikkei newspaper.