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SK Telecom Demonstrates LTE, Unveils LTE Launch Plan
April 22, 2011

SK Telecom demonstrated its LTE (Long Term Evolution) service on April 20, 2011 and announced that the new LTE network will be commercially available in Seoul, Korea in July this year, according to the GSMA Mobile Business Briefing. The company also schedules to provide LTE service to 23 cities as soon as possible, expand LTE coverage to the entire nation by 2013 and upgrade the network to LTE-Advanced in 2013. It is reported that the LTE network is set up using SK Telecom's SCAN (Smart Cloud Access Network). Upon its LTE commercial launch in July 2011, SK Telecom is expected to release LTE data modems and add LTE mobile phones to the company's product lineup, such as Smartphones and tablet PCs, within the second half of 2011.