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ZTE Selected by Tiscali to Deploy FTTH Broadband Network in Italy
October 15, 2010
Chinese telecom equipment supplier ZTE recently announced that the company entered into a strategic alliance with Italian leading telecom operator Tiscali, under which ZTE will help the latter to deploy a FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) network in Italy, leveraging their proprietary technologies, according to a press release by ZTE. With an aim to help Tiscali improve its ultra-wide broadband network coverage in Italy, ZTE stated that the company will implement the first phase of project by setting up a fiber optic network in Sardinia for Tiscali, according to the same source. Through this tie-up, these two companies will also collaborate in terms of technology development and financial matters while co-working in the evaluation and R&D of next-generation broadband services, to be delivered to Tiscali customers in the future.