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China Unicom Expected to Sell Apple iPhone 4 in September, iPad Soon
August 19, 2010
China Unicom, the exclusive distributor for Apple's iPhone in China today, will be soon selling the iPhone 4 sometime in September, 2010, the Sohu IT News reported on August 17, adding that the price tag of iPhone 4 will be equivalent to that of iPhone 3GS, which hit the market in October 2009. According to the same source, citing China Unicom's statement made available at a China Internet Conference held in Beijing, China Unicom had entered an agreement with Apple, whereby Apple agreed iPhone 4 and iPad to be sold in China through China Unicom. China Unicom declined to comment on this report and Apple was not immediately available for comment though..The iPhone 4, to be sold in early September at the earliest, is expected to feature Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) connectivity. On August 6, China Unicom began selling iPhone 3GS with Wi-Fi in China.


Meanwhile, it is reported that the iPad introduced by China Unicom will use the 3G micro SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, which is also used in the iPhone 4. In related news, China Unicom reportedly will sell Apple's iPad soon. Further details regarding the definite launch date for the iPad in China, however, were not yet disclosed. In July, Apple opened its second flagship store in China and is projected to open 25 retail stores across China by year-end 2011, Reuters reported on August 19.