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3G Development in China August 2-8
August 06, 2010
- China Unicom announced on August 6 that the company will launch an 8G Wi-Fi (Wireless-Fidelity) enabled iPhone 3GS on August 9, supporting China's homegrown wireless security standard WAPI (Wireless Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure), the Sina News reported on August 6. The new product will be priced at 4,999 RMB (US$735.1; US$1 = 6.8 RMB), the same price as the model without Wi-Fi.


Customers may subscribe to a 24-month service plan with a monthly service fee ranging from 96 RMB (US$14.1) to 886 RMB (US$130.3), with subsidy programs ranging from 2,000 RMB (294.1) to 4,999 RMB (735.1). Customer may own a mobile phone at free of charge if they subscribe with a monthly service fee at 266 RMB (US$39.1) or above. Guangdong Unicom, a subsidiary of China Unicom in Guangdong, confirmed the news. The iPhone introduced to the Chinese market in October 2009 was offered without Wi-Fi. Moreover, China Unicom is expected to sell iPhone 4 in China in late 2010 while in talks with Apple to sell iPad table PC.