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WiMAX Development in Asia July 19-25
July 23, 2010
Taiwan's CNA (Central News Agency) reported on July 20 that Intel is expected to remain committed to the cause of WiMAX, quoting Hsieh Ching-tarng, head of the WiMAX Forum Taiwan Office. The CNA reported that Hsieh met with senior Intel executives during his recent visit to Intel's US headquarters in Santa Clara and took this opportunity to address the communication issues between Intel and Taiwan's WiMAX sector. News regarding the closure of Intel's WiMAX Program Office in Taiwan emerged in late June, causing the Taiwanese WiMAX supporters to speculate that Intel might be seeking way out of the joint effort between the two sides on WiMAX development.

Both the Taiwanese government and WiMAX carriers projected that Intel's decision to close the WiMAX Program Office will only have limited impact on the continuous development of WiMAX, as Intel only accounts for a relatively minor share in the global WiMAX chip market. Intel, meanwhile, defended its decision in early July by stating that the WiMAX Program Office only served a temporary purpose and had fulfilled the duty of launching WiMAX into the market, according to the CNA report.