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Japanese Elpida to Cooperate with Taiwanese Chipmakers for DRAM Production
July 06, 2010
Japan's Elpida Memory is expected to announce in July 2010 at the earliest that the company is going to cooperate with Taiwanese chipmakers ProMOS Technologies, Rexchip Electronics and Powerchip Technology to produce ultra small DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) chips, Nikkei reported on July 4, 2010. Elpida is expected to provide the three Taiwanese chipmakers with an advanced technology for mass production of DRAM used in computers and servers. It is estimated that an Elpida's plant located in Hiroshima, Japan, will entrust the three Taiwanese chipmakers to produce 300,000 12-inch wafers a month, according to the same source.

Elpida teamed up with two Taiwanese companies last month as well. In June 2010, Taiwanese UMC and Powertech Technology, together with Elpida, announced that they will work together on developing the TSV (Through Silicon Via) technology.