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China Unicom, Apple in Discussion over iPad, iPhone 4 in China
June 28, 2010
Chinese mobile operator China Unicom is currently engaged in discussion with Apple to sell iPad and iPhone 4 in China, according to a June 24, 2010 report by Financial Times. China Unicom plans to have the iPhone 4 equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G functionality if the product could be made available in China. Sales of iPhone 3 in China by China Unicom were lower than original forecasts due to the official regulations on the introduction of Wi-Fi connectivity, according to the same source. iPhone users in China have no access to Wi-Fi because the Chinese government requires the Wi-Fi mobile phones sold in China to carry the indigenous WAPI (Wireless Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure) standard as well, which iPhones do not support for now. China also put restrictions on 3G models. At present, China Unicom adopts the 3GSM standard for its 3G services.