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AT&T Expands Footprint in Asia-Pacific Region
June 25, 2010
AT&T announced on June 23, 2010 that the company will add additional AGN (AT&T Global Network) nodes and IDCs (Internet Data Center) in the Asia-Pacific region, according to Economic Daily News of Taiwan. It is projected that AT&T will spend US$1 billion on building global internet infrastructure and investing in business applications in 2010, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. AT&T plans to add new AGN nodes in Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan by 2010 and add one more AGN node in Taiwan by 2011. AT&T has set up 38 IDCs and nine Super IDCs worldwide, including nine IDCs in the Asia-Pacific region. It is reported that AT&T is considering building one Super IDC in Taiwan as well, according to the same source.