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NTT DoCoMo Begins Testing LTE Demonstration Network in Tokyo
June 17, 2010
Japanese telecom operator NTT DoCoMo recently announcement the verification of its demonstration network using FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) LTE (Long Term Evolution) in Tokyo, according to a press release by NTT DoCoMo. DoCoMo stated that this testing process will help the company begin the full-scale commercialization of the LTE service in December 2010. Using the 2GHz bandwidth, the network comprises dual-mode WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access)/LTE base stations, LTE core network equipment and LTE-based mobile devices.


In the test carried out in Tokyo area, with a 5MHz bandwidth, the network can achieve 37.4 Mbps downlink and 12.5 Mbps uplink speeds; with a 10MHz bandwidth, the network features 75 Mbps downlink and 25 Mbps uplink speeds, according to DoCoMo's press release again. The test process will focus on the LTE network's performance in terms of data speed, latency, stability of handover between 3G and 4G networks, and other conditions required for network commercialization. The LTE devices used in the test is capable of delivering 100Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink speeds and is compatible with WCDMA and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), which allow these devices to be adopted in overseas markets using dual-mode LTE/GSM networks.