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WiMAX Development in Asia May 31 - June 6
June 04, 2010
According to a June 1 report by Taiwan's Commercial Times, the Taiwanese government and Intel are pushing the merger between Taiwan's six WiMAX carriers. Among the six carriers, VMAX Telecom and Vee Time are reportedly mulling a merger plan, and Vee Time is considering taking a stake in another Taiwanese WiMAX carrier FITEL. VMAX Telecom holds a WiMAX operating license for northern Taiwan and has already begun commercial services in Taipei City, while Vee Time is based in central Taiwan. The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation two years ago. FITEL, meanwhile, plans to offer WiMAX in Hsinchu of northern Taiwan.

According to the Commercial Times report, the industry projects that the six existing carriers will be merged into two or three by the end of 2010, and the goal is aimed at further consolidation, thereby creating one or two nationwide carriers in 2011. It is reported that Intel will take a stake in the new entity out of Vee Time and VMAX Telecom's merger. Intel, however, declines to comment on the report. At present, Intel has already held a 19% stake in VMAX Telecom.