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MediaTek's 3G Chips Reportedly Selected by Motorola and LG for Entry-level and Mid-range Mobile Phones
June 04, 2010
Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek reportedly have been selected by Motorola and LG Electronics as the supplier for 3G chips used in their new entry-level and mid-range mobile phones due to its price competitiveness, Taiwan's Economic Times reported on May 31. Featuring MediaTek's solutions, new mobile phones separately under the brand name of Motorola and LG will be manufactured by Arima Communications and are slated to begin shipments at the end of 2010 at the earliest, according to the same source. MediaTek, however, declined to comment on the report. After the cross-license agreement signed between Qualcomm and Mediatek on November 19, 2009, LG and Motorola are the first two mobile phone makers to use 3G chips manufactured by MediaTek and they are assumed to have obtained a separate license from Qualcomm to receive rights to any of Qualcomm patents as well.