Asia Express - Mobile Communications
3G Development in China May 10-16
May 14, 2010
- The MCRC (Motorola China Research Center) revealed on May 12 that three European telecom operators have begun laboratory trials for TD-LTE (Time Division-Long Term Evolution) technology, along with some field tests, the Sina Tech News reported on May 5, citing the president of MCRC, Jing Zhuang. Zhung, however, declined to reveal the names of these three telecom operators. Zhung stated that China Mobile, Motorola, and related partners have provided TD-LTE technology support for these telecom operators during the trial period. On May 1, Motorola announced the completion of the first phase of field tests for TD-LTE, reaching a downlink speed of 80Mbps. Motorola is currently under preparation for the second phase of TD-LTE field tests in Beijing, according to the same source. At Shanghai Expo, Motorola helped China Mobile set up TD-LTE demonstration networks at seven out of nine pavilions, according again to the Sina Tech News.