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3G Development in China May 3-9
May 07, 2010
- China Mobile announced on May 5 that the company commercially launched its new mobile reading business in Beijing in collaboration with four partners, include the Chinese Writers Association, China Publishing Group, and the China Redactlogical Society, and National Library of China, the SinoCast Daily Business Beat News reported on May 5. China Mobile stated that the company already entered into separate deals with them on the same date. Under the agreements, these four partners will help China Mobile enrich the mobile reading content. Through this service, users can access China Mobile's mobile reading service by means of their own mobile phones and e-Readers. To date, the number of mobile phone models supporting this service is totaled 403 and e-Readers totaled eight. In addition, China Mobile's mobile phone reading product base has published more than 60,000 books, according to the same source.