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KT Expects Smartphones to Account for 20% of Total Phones in 2010; Boost Capital Spending by 8%
January 21, 2010
Following SK Telecom's recent announcement that it plans to launch 15 new Smartphones in 2010, 13 of which will be Android-based Smartphones, Korean telecom operator KT (Korea Telecom) recently also announced that the company plans to diversify its Smartphone offerings, Dow Jones reported on January 19. Under the plan, the company will expand its lineup of Smartphones and expects that its Smartphones will take up more than 20% of its total phone offerings in 2010. Of the total Smartphone launched in 2010, more than 50% Smartphone models will be running on Google's open source Android platform, according to the same source. Meanwhile, the operator stated that it will increase capital spending to 3.2 trillion Won (US$2.84 billion; US$1 = 1,126.3 Won) in 2010, an 8% increase from 2.96 trillion Won (US$2.62 billion) in 2009.