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Sharp, Philips to Ink LCD Panel Supply Deal
December 31, 2009
Sharp recently announced that the company entered into a supply agreement with Philips, whereby Sharp will supply LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panels for the latter's LCD TVs, to be sold in Europe and South America as year as 2010, the Nikkei Business Daily reported on December 17. In Europe, Sharp will deliver LCD panels manufactured at its Sakai plant in Japan to its factory in Poland, which will then process panels into semi-finished products before delivering to Philips' plants in Poland, Dow Jones reported on December 17. Furthermore, the company also considers manufacturing LCD TVs for Philips in Poland in the future. In South America, Sharp's LCD panels will be shipped to Philips' plant in Brazil directly, according again to Dow Jones. Sharp declined to reveal any details regarding the Sharp-Philip cooperation.