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Chunghwa Telecom, Vodafone to Form Mobile Roaming Alliance
November 13, 2009
Taiwan-based telecom operator Chunghwa Telecom and UK-based telecom operator Vodafone announced on November 12 that they will collaborate in the international roaming business and will jointly purchase equipment in the future, with an aim to strengthen their international market presence, Taiwan's Central News Agency reported on November 12.

Through the alliance, these two companies will provide discounts up to 30% on international roaming calls dialed from Taiwan to 17 countries, beginning on December 1, 2009, according to the same source. 17 countries include 15 European countries (the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Romania, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, Albania, Malta, Portugal), as well as Australia, and New Zealand. The discount offer is expected to be available in up to 70 countries in total. The Chunghwa Telecom-Vodafone cooperation will also include the joint procurement of equipment in the future. Vodafone, however, declined to reveal its annual mobile phone purchase volume and said the company currently has no plan to invest in Chunghwa Telecom.