Asia Express - Mobile Communications
3G Development in China August 10-16
August 14, 2009
- China Telecom recently announced that the company has completed its nationwide CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network coverage, with the network coverage including all cities at or above prefecture-level in China, reported on August 13. As of the end of July 2009, China Telecom's CDMA network covered 2,055 prefecture-level cities and over 6,000 county towns and developed townships located along the eastern coastal area. Meanwhile, China Telecom also stated that the company has completed the construction of its EVDO (Evolution Data Only) network in 324 cities nationwide and over 2,000 prefecture-level cities by the end of July 2009. In anticipation of the upcoming Shanghai Expo in 2010, China Telecom plans to increase its 3G network's data transmission speed to 9.3 Mbps.

- China Mobile announced on August 12 that the company has completed the construction of 47,000 TD-SCDMA (Time Division-Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access) base stations, reported on August 12. In addition, the company stated that the 2G/TD-SCDMA transition rate has reached over 95%, indicating a smooth transition from 2G to 3G networks. As of May 2009, China Mobile had operational 25,764 base stations. According to China Mobile's 3G development roadmap, the company plans to build over 80,000 base stations in 238 cities or more than 70% of prefecture-level cities in China by year-end 2009. By year-end 2011, China Mobile stated that it plans to have 160,000 base stations providing network coverage to include all prefectural level cities.

- Following its merger with China Netcom, China Unicom announced on August 10 that the company will change its official name from China United Telecommunications Corporation Limited to China United Network Communications Limited, the Jinghua Time reported on August 13. The new name will become officially valid as of the date when the registration process is complete. On August 7, the Shanghai Administration of Industry and Commerce issued an operating license under this new name to China Unicom.