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3G Development in China July 20-26
July 24, 2009
- Following China Mobile's announcement of its third-phase TD-SCDMA (Time Division-Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access) equipment bidding results on May 4, Datang Mobile and its affiliates, namely Alcatel-Shanghai Bell - which won a total of 35-40% of the third-phase bidding - announced on July 21 that they will collaborate in the deployment of the third-phase TD-SCDMA networks for China Mobile in 11 Chinese provinces, reported on July 21. Of the three China Mobile's TD-SCDMA equipment biddings, the consortium will deploy a total of 16 out of 31 provinces in China, according to the same source.

Meanwhile, Nokia Siemens Networks - which acquired 8% of the third-phase equipment bidding - announced that the company will deploy TD-SCDMA networks in three Chinese provinces for China Mobile, totaling the number to seven out of 31 provinces, according to again.

- Sony Ericsson recently announced that the company will follow on the heels of other mobile phone brands to manufacture mobile phones based on TD-SCDMA technology, the Sina Tech News reported on July 24. Sony Ericsson is expected to roll out its first TD-SCDMA phone in 2010. To date, Samsung, LG, and Motorola have debuted their TD-SCDMA phones in 2008 and Nokia is set to roll out TD-SCDMA phones in the fourth quarter of 2009, according to the same source.

- China's MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) revealed on July 22 that China Mobile is set to invest a total of over 58 billion RMB (US$8.5 billion; US$1 = 6.8 RMB) into its third-phase TD-SCDMA network deployment in 2009, the Sina News reported on July 24. The value is expected to exceed the combined value of China Mobile's first- and second-phase network construction plans. To date, the number of TD-SCDMA subscribers has reached over one million, according to the same source.