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WiMAX Development in Asia July 13-19
July 17, 2009
Indian state-run telecom operator BSNL has postponed the bid for new franchisees to offer WiMAX services on the spectrum obtained by BSNL, The Hindu Business Line reported on July 16. This is the second time that BSNL deferred the WiMAX franchise tender, as the telecom was forced to abort its previous effort in early June on the disqualification of bidders. Originally the relaunch of tender was pushed back to June 24, but now the plan has been halted indefinitely.

It is reported that BSNL seeks to settle the terms and conditions of the tender first. One condition, meanwhile, has already been clarified. Selected franchisees will not be required to pay a one-time upfront fee. Instead, franchisees which offer WiMAX services using BSNL's spectrum are expected to pay over a period of time the costs incurred in acquiring the frequencies. In addition to the spectrum usage fee, it is understood that selected franchisees will have to invest in the establishment of WiMAX network and share future WiMAX revenues with BSNL.