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China Mobile Begins LTE Field Tests in Hubei, China
June 12, 2009
China Mobile completed field tests based on LTE (Long Term Evolution), in Hubei province, the Sohu IT News reported on June 9. During the tests, China Mobile recruited users to participate in field tests so as to launch LTE commercial trials in time for the Shanghai World Expo, to be held from May 1 to October 31, 2010. The field tests were conducted over a period of one and a half months and completed on June 6, 2009, according to the same source. During the trial runs, the LTE network achieved a maximum downlink speed up to 40Mbps, with an average rate of 30Mbps - 35Mbps. Through the field tests, China Mobile aims to take the current 3G technology through 3.9G, paving the way for the development of 4G.