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Motorola Confirms Second Round of Job Cuts in China
February 13, 2009
Motorola China confirmed media reports that the company had started to cut jobs, mainly in the mobile phone department, on February 11, according to People's Daily. The actual number of job cuts was not revealed, but Motorola said the present measure would involve hundreds of employees, instead of the 1,000 head count reported earlier in the week. The software platform project team in particular is expected to bear the brunt of this round of personnel adjustment. Motorola expects to adopt three main platforms ?Google's Android platform included ?for the company's mobile phones in the future, down from the present range of eight or nine. The first round of job cuts took place at year-end 2008, when Motorola China sheared 600 of its 2,600 R&D workforce. Globally, Motorola said in mid-January that it would axe 4,000 jobs in its international operations, with 3,000 in the mobile phone department.