Asia Express - Mobile Communications
Weekly TD-SCDMA Update December 1 - December 7
December 05, 2008
- In continuation of the announcement of second phase TD-SCMDA equipment bid results, China Mobile recently confirmed that the second phase of TD-SCDMA network deployment is currently underway, slated for completion by June 2009, reported on December quoting the CEO (Chief Executive Officers) of China Mobile, Wang Jianzhou.

Additionally, Wang also stated that China Mobile has moved aggressively to  consolidate GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) and TD-SCDMA networks in 10 Chinese cities, where the first phase of TD-SCDMA network construction took place. Through network convergence, GSM subscribers only require to buy a new TD-SCDMA/GSM dual mode phone to access TD-SCDMA services without having to change their existing GSM SIM cards and phone numbers, according to Sohu IT News on December 5.