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ZTE to Add Investments in LTE R&D
October 26, 2008
Following its six billion RMB investment in a new R&D facility in Xi'an, Chinese telecommunications equipment provider ZTE pledged to inject additional resources into the development of LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology, according to China Interfax. Out of the 2,000 engineers recruited for the R&D facility dedicated to post 3G technology and new LTE solution development, around 900 specialize in TD (Time Division)-LTE.

Meanwhile, at the P&T/Expo Comm China 2008, which ran from 21 October to 25 October, ZTE was slated to demonstrate an FDD (Frequency Division Duplexing)-LTE prototype and TD-LTE solutions, as well as an FDD/TDD fusion solution. Furthermore, the company plans to commercialize FDD-LTE by the second half of 2009 and TD-LTE by 2010 on a small scale. The company expects to begin large-scale commercialization of LTE technology in 2015, according to a Sohu IT report.