Asia Express - Mobile Communications
Weekly TD-SCDMA Update October 20 - 26
October 26, 2008
- Chinese fabless chipmaker Spreadtrum, device manufacturer Amoi and Desay Electronics jointly announced on October 21 that they have jointly launched TD-HSDPA residential gateway products, leveraging the three parties' proprietary technologies. Incorporating Spreadtrum's SC800S chip solution, Amoi's data card is connected to the residential gateway device developed by Desay via a USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface. Aside from the USB interface, this device also supports Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity), fixed-line, and LAN.

- At a TD-SCDMA summit held in Beijing, Yang Hua - the secretary-general of TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance - revealed that the Alliance has signed an agreement with Myanmar's government, whereby they will jointly build TD-SCMDA trial networks in Myanmar, according to Sina Tech News on October 23. Further details regarding the deal, however, were not yet disclosed. Aside from Myanmar, Yang stated that TD-SCDMA trial networks have been set up in Canada and Africa as well.