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Korea's Hanaro Telecom Officially Renamed SK Broadband
October 10, 2008
Korea's Hanaro Telecom, which became an SK Telecom subsidiary after a purchase of a 43.59% stake in March 2008, was officially renamed SK Broadband in late September, the Korea Times reported. Along with the rebranding effort, Hanaro Telecom's erstwhile services will change names as well: broadband Internet service Hanafos will become broad&; fixed-line telephony service Hanafone will be renamed broad&fone; VOD (Video On Demand) service HanaTV will be know as broad&TV.

Regarding marketing strategies, SK Broadband plans to offer bundles packages combining fixed-line and wireless telephony, broadband Internet, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) services at reduced prices. Building on its present broad&TV customer base of roughly 760,000, SK Broadband plans to commercialize full-scale IPTV services at year-end 2008. For its VoIP service, SK Broadband aims to reach a customer base of 300,000 by the year end.